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“As a former Chair of an organization’s Task Force, I have had the pleasure of engaging and working closely with Tom Rosenfield, Joel Kassiday and the HillStaffer organization over the past two years on efforts related to TSCA reform. Their consummate professionalism, expertise in Hill knowledge, and strategic guidance has enabled key successes for the scientific community.

A highly valued asset that HillStaffer brings to the table is their interconnectedness with Congressional members and staff and in particular Joel and Tom have been on target with their insights and recommendations and completely ‘customer focused’ during all of their engagements with the professional Society I represent. This team effort has been enhanced by their keen listening abilities to what we have been trying to achieve and potential clients would be well-served to consider HillStaffer as an ally and powerful professional assistant in their particular Hill activities and challenges going forward.”

— Daland R. Juberg, PhD, ATS

“As the Chairman of the Board of a non-profit association, I needed a firm that could deliver high caliber government relations services in a specialized area of expertise at a fraction of the cost of the ‘going rate’ in Washington, DC. No easy feat. HillStaffer and its unique model ‘over-delivered’ on all counts. I have also found their integrity and professionalism to be exceptional. I strongly recommend them to any association or non-profit that needs to get more done with less.”

— Leslie M. Schweitzer

“For a small association that doesn’t revolve its entire existence around lobbying, the HillStaffer model makes sense. I’ve got only so many arms and legs and mouths to speak with at the same time. Sometimes issues surge and you have lots of pieces on the board. HillStaffer was a nice insurance policy that paid off. It let us be much more effective in our efforts.”

— Brett Palmer, President, Small Business Investor Alliance

“I’ve enjoyed working with HillStaffer. Their model and approach to government affairs is unique: HillStaffer provides a significant benefit both to clients and to former Capitol Hill staffers.”

— Stephenie Foster, former Chief of Staff to United States Senators Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and former Appointee by President Clinton as General Counsel, U.S. General Services Administration

“The American University of Afghanistan is the only independent, non-sectarian, coeducational university in Afghanistan. Since our first class of 53 students in 2006 we now have nearly 2,000 students, including 28% women, a high-quality MBA program, and a Law School. HillStaffer has helped ensure that AUAF is one of the most important lasting legacies of American support for Afghanistan. HillStaffer’s dedication to AUAF as a client, and their unwavering professionalism, is unmatched. I highly recommend HillStaffer to any association or non-profit, especially those on limited budgets, that seek strategic assistance in relations to the federal government.”

— Dr. C. Michael Smith, President, The American University of Afghanistan