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Case Studies


Effectiveness of HillStaffer Solutions Underscored By Highly Technical Tax Matter: An Association in the financial services sector with an experienced in-house government relations team, required additional legislative band-width on a highly technical tax issue. Rather than retain a traditional lobbying firm under a long-term contract requiring payment of a recurring high, monthly retainer fee, the association engaged HillStaffer. Under the direction of a former Staff Director at a major Senate Committee, HillStaffer has represented this trade group on Capitol Hill safeguarding the interests of its members. The initiative continues to this day at a cost 70% less than a traditional government relations firm.


Multi-Phase Government Affairs Effort Demonstrates Flexibility of HillStaffer Model: Faced with a competing industry’s aggressive government affairs campaign, the Board of Directors of an association that represents a niche manufacturing and distribution sector needed to launch their first government affairs initiative. Given a limited budget and the need to phase the effort in over a several years, this association implemented HillStaffer’s platform for its flexible, cost-effective, and nimble government affairs solution. After crafting a three year plan in conjunction with the association’s leadership, HillStaffer tapped the former head of grassroots lobbying for a 400,000 member association to lead the initial phase of the project. Over the course of the year, the client was able “to ratchet their efforts up and back” as warranted. HillStaffer’s unique model was able to tailor a solution to the client’s specific needs while delivering its services at 50% less than the cost of a traditional firm. Now in its second year, HillStaffer is managing this association’s grassroots activities and fly-in efforts.


Appropriations: An international nonprofit sought legislative and agency support for its funding request. Given the client’s unique issues, the government affairs team needed to have highly specialized experience in the foreign affairs appropriations process as well as knowledge of higher education, women’s issues, and the ‘politics’ of the country. At a cost 65% less than a traditional firm, HillStaffer assigned a former Chief of Staff to a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (who also served as an adjunct graduate-level professor) to lay out a Capitol Hill strategy. Now in its second year, the client has taken advantage of HillStaffer’s flexible platform in expanding the initiative by tapping the talents of an expert in the inner workings of the relevant federal agency to represent their interests—an approach that has been highly successful to date.