Terry Yosie serves as Senior Advisor of HillStaffer. Dr. Yosie is a foremost expert on Sustainability, bringing to HillStaffer clients over 35 years of business, government, and the non-profit experience with a deep understanding of the public policy, legislative, and regulatory impact of issues including global climate change, water resource management, infrastructure design and supply chain management, environmental disclosures and reporting, community relations, waste management and clean-up of contaminated sediments, and building partnerships with environmental organizations.

Dr. Yosie is currently serving appointments on the Dow Chemical Company’s Sustainability External Advisory Council; the United Nations Environment Programme’s High Level Advisory Council; and, Ingersoll Rand’s Advisory Council on Sustainability. He is a former U.S. delegate, Bilateral Environmental Program with the USSR, and a former Executive Director of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC).

Prior to HillStaffer, Dr. Yosie served as the president and CEO of the World Environment Center, creating a global thought leader in applying sustainable development to the business strategies and operations of global companies in partnership with national governments, multi-lateral institutions, non-governmental organizations and universities.

While at the WEC, Dr. Yosie led efforts around the globe, having been instrumental in creating innovative solutions for achieving more sustainable supply chains of multiple business sectors in emerging markets such as Chile, Costa Rica, China, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, and Romania, and nations in the European Union. Dr. Yosie established partnerships with The Energy and Resources Institute (India), World Business Council on Sustainable Development, and World Wildlife Fund.

Previously, Dr. Yosie served as Vice President at the American Chemistry Council, Executive Vice President at Ruder Finn, where he led the firm’s Washington, DC environmental management and communications practice, and a former Director of the Science Advisory Board at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. While at the EPA Dr. Yosie advised Administrators and the U.S. Congress on the scientific basis of major public health and environmental decisions, data quality policies and procedures, and managed the independent peer review of the U.S. government’s risk assessment for stratospheric ozone depletion, serving as scientific basis of the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

Dr. Yosie has authored over 90 professional publications. He is a frequent lecturer at leading universities and institutes including Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, Tec de Monterrey, University of California at Berkeley, the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Potsdam), International Risk Governance Center (Lausanne), and the US National Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Yoise holds a Doctorate in History and Social Sciences from the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University; a Master of Arts in History at Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.