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Good advocacy requires understanding the value of developing a strong message. The message should be tailored to each audience and delivered with the support of key allies as well as through an orchestrated grassroots lobbying effort.

Often the best approach on an issue is the traditional “shoe-leather” technique of laying the groundwork for success by holding dozens of meetings with the appropriate Members of Congress and staff. HillStaffer Consultants have the experience and connections to know what works best. They also provide you with the competitive advantage of being able to attend any meeting as a member of your staff or as an independent lobbyist, making your Association’s presence known or placing you discreetly in the background. As part of our strategic government relations assessment, we can develop jointly with our client’s the most effective way to meet their government relations needs – and we modify the approach depending on the message or the audience.


  • Client fly-ins
  • Door-knocks
  • Client training on lobbying and effective messaging
  • Meetings with Congress and the Administration
  • Coalition building
  • Grassroots development and engagement
  • Media training and outreach