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Cheryl Janas Reidy



Cheri Reidy serves as a Senior Advisor at HillStaffer, and utilizes 30 years of tax and budget policy experience to advise clients on a variety of financial and budgetary matters. Formerly a Staff Director at the United States Senate, Committee on Budget, Ms. Reidy has a rich history of experience in budget issues and the legislative process, and is a former Stennis Fellow (110th Congress). Ms. Reidy is an expert on many issues including the national sales tax, the flat tax, public debt and net interest issues, fiscal policy, investment issues, and the statutory debt limit.

Ms. Reidy is an economist and expert in the federal budget process, tax reform, policy analysis, and political strategy. She advised three successive committee Chairmen/Ranking Members (Senators Pete Domenici, Don Nickles and Judd Gregg) on policy, political strategy, and developments regarding federal spending, tax policy and the congressional budget process. During that time Ms. Reidy was responsible also for managing a staff of 20 attorneys, policy and legislative analysts, and communications professionals.

During this time Ms. Reidy served as Principal staff for Sen. Judd Gregg in his role as a member of President Obama’s Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, providing analysis and insight on prior budget negotiations and agreements, reconciliation legislation, and Senate parliamentary procedures and rulings. Prior to that Ms. Reidy served as the Principal liaison with Congressional Budget Office, Office of Management and Budget, and Government Accountability Office.

Earlier in her career Md. Reidy served as a Director and Senior Analyst at the Senate Committee on Budget, and served on a three-person Budget Review team responsible for reviewing and coordinating committee budget analysts’ narratives and spreadsheets for Budget Resolution preparation. She worked in conjunction with committee counsel and Senate floor staff to enforce the Budget Act; conceived, developed, and maintained “Analysts’ Aid” for determining budget points of order; maintained and served as budget committee point of contact for Senate pay-as-you-go scorecard; and was responsible for analysis of all revenue and tax policy issues, including budget baselines, budget scorekeeping, enforcement, and reconciliation tracking.

Ms. Reidy earned an M.S. in Public Policy Analysis, and a B.A. in Psychology, cum laude, from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. In addition, she completed coursework through the Department of Economics and the Department of Political Science at the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business.