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Practice Areas

National Security & Defense

Our experienced team will help you to achieve success in supporting the national effort to meet our military, national security and defense challenges. A wide range of businesses and organizations provide a broad array of services to our national security and defense, including research, technology, military hardware, healthcare, and training. We provide expert guidance to businesses and organizations of all sizes in their quest to secure funding through the defense appropriations process and in fostering relations with the Department of Defense.

HillStaffer propels organizations and companies to the forefront of public affairs. HillStaffer is a government relations consulting firm that developed and implemented an industry-first ‘free-form’ platform for legislative, regulatory, and policy initiatives. HillStaffer is unconventional; our platform is unique; we challenge the status quo to develop strategies that successfully create, change, and foster innovative public policy solutions.

Whether your organization seeks public relations campaigns, grassroots assistance, coalition building, monitoring legislation and regulation or direct lobbying we have a solution and a team in place to help meet your objectives.

Services offered

  • Strategic assessments
  • Issues monitoring and intelligence gathering
  • Direct lobbying on Capitol Hill
  • Organizing fly-ins in Washington DC
  • Coordinating local grassroots education and activation
  • Organizing traditional coalition building
  • Media training and outreach
  • Crisis & litigation communications
  • Applying the latest social media tools
  • Public relations messaging and materials development

Contact: info@hillstaffer.com or call Thomas Rosenfield at 202-575-2110