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Practice Areas

HillStaffer advises companies, trade associations, and nonprofits how to engage stakeholders, turn them into champions of the cause, and influence public policy at the federal and state levels. But an effective initiative consists of much more than lobbying on Capitol Hill or managing press releases: successful strategies involve crafting the right message, identifying the best messenger, and strategically selecting your targets.

Our vast, bipartisan network of subject-matter experts can provide the experience and know-how to develop strategic solutions designed to help clients achieve their business and member related goals in the most challenging environments.

Budget & Appropriations

Navigating the multi-faceted budget and appropriations processes require particular proficiency. HillStaffer’s bench of experts are former Congressional committee staff directors and key senior staffers with relevant Leadership contacts who understand the intricacies and timing of the budget and appropriations cycle.

Chemicals & Energy

Legislation and regulations have far-reaching implications on energy production, efficiency, and environmental protection. The various public policy implications are crucial to our nation’s future, and HillStaffer’s deep bench combines incomparable Fortune 500 and Capitol Hill expertise with extensive knowledge of chemical, energy and environmental issues.


Elementary, secondary and higher education are all facing increased scrutiny over access, affordability, quality and costs. Our deep understanding of legislative and regulatory processes can help educational institutions and affiliated foundations identify and implement effective government relations and strategic communications solutions.

Tax & Financial Services

Legislative and regulatory reforms continue to dominate banking and financial services. HillStaffer’s deep bench brings together unrivaled insurance and securities industry expertise and extensive Capitol Hill work with House and Senate Appropriations and Finance Committees, Department of Treasury, Department of Labor, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Healthcare is complex and involves a web of federal and state issues. HillStaffer’s bench delivers expertise across the healthcare system with extensive knowledge of policies impacting hospitals, healthcare delivery providers, and patient advocacy groups on issues including Medicare, Medicaid, the VA health care system, physician and provider payments, health information technology, and pharmaceuticals.

Associations & Nonprofits

HillStaffer’s deep bench brings together seasoned Certified Association Executives and association management company executives, former senior House and Executive Branch staff who have amassed vast expertise with association operations, member engagement, programming, grassroots activation, messaging, coalition building, and more.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The nation’s infrastructure is vital to a strong economy. Airlines, automobiles, and trucking all promote the efficient delivery of goods to consumers and businesses, but declining budget and highway trust fund revenues is driving alternatives. HillStaffer’s experts help associations and a variety of industries navigate public policies and the appropriations and authorization processes.

State and Local Affairs

Opportunities to support federal advocacy through state and local engagement is more important today than ever. Regardless of the industry, working with governors and state legislatures provides significant opportunities and public policy solutions. HillStaffer’s experts help associations and multiple industries drive their state and local strategic efforts.